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Enhancing Group Effectiveness through creating and maintaining a ‘Reflective Space’

T. Martin Ringer

Socio-Analysis 3,2: 2001 (85-108)

GenAi, democracy under threat, pandemic, climate change, fake media and the great resignation. We live in challenging times. For the next three months we are looking at the importance of potential space or reflective space in creating a place where we can think about and make sense of some of the challenges that we are facing in contemporary society. Martin Ringer. ‘Enhancing group effectiveness through creating and maintaining a "reflective space" ‘. (Socio-Analysis, 3 (2), 2001, pages 85-108). Martin Ringer highlights the importance of reflective space in facilitating the effective functioning of groups. The author explores why reflective spaces are important and what is needed to create and maintain them. Issues such as secure containment and effective linking are identified as important to helping to build reflective spaces.

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About Socioanalysis

Socioanalysis is GRA’s international journal published annually and edited by Susan Long. It is a journal about groups, organisations and society from the systems psychodynamic perspective. This journal addresses the need to provide a vehicle for the publication of papers in the area of socio-analysis. Our policy is to invite papers of an international standard whilst supporting both established and new writers.

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