Socioanalysis Vol 24 2023


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective



Editorial Susan Long, Yiannis Gabriel and Jonathan Gosling

  • Obituary: Professor Dr Burkard Sievers
  • Gilles Amado Deadly ‘Institutional Harassment’: an exemplary case of managerial perversion
  • Ajeet N. Mathur Institutional Toxicity in Sticky Polarities
  • Leslie Goldenberg Roles of the Coach Within the Walls: Trojan Horse, Field Medic, Canary in the Coal Mine
  • Martin Ludemann ‘Walls’ to protect innovation? A case from industry
  • Emma Tranchina, Helen McKelvie & Wendy Harding Successful succession: Creating space for giving up and taking up
  • Rhianna Perkin Leading to the End
  • Jan Schluter Relevance of Intergenerational Patterns for the Supervision of Executive Coaches

Book Reviews: Margo Lockhart Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis:  Neoliberal exceptionalism and the customer of uncare. By Sally Weintrobe, USA, Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2021, 332 pages Thibault de Swarte Psychoanalysis and Organisations: Theories, clinics, interventions. By Gilles Arnaud, Pascal Fugier and Benedict Vidaillet.  Eres:  Toulouse, 2018

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