What is a Group Relations?


This content is for people interested in Group Relations theory and practice. This may include leaders, students, and people who better wish to understand how the systems they inhabit impact them, and how they might impact those systems.

Also known as Systems Psychodynamics, Socioanalytic or Tavistock theory, Group Relations is both a theory and a method. The theory is rooted in Open Systems theory, Psychoanalytic theory, and the work of Wilfred Bion.

The first section posted here highlights the basics of group relations theory, practice, and research. Other sections focus on various applications and practice of Group Relations and theories that build on group relations.

Group Relations: Theory and Practice

This series provides a general overview of group relations theory. The first lecture, What is Group Relations provides a very brief description of the structure of a group relations conference. Then next three videos offer introductions to the theories that comprise group relations theory.

Role Analysis (and Other Applications) Series

This series offers a description of a few different methods of Role Analysis, which may be used in a Group Relations conference, or within a coaching situation (individual or group coaching). Also included are other group relations-derived methods, including a video on the Listening Post methodology and Social Dreaming.

Adaptive Leadership Series

Adaptive Leadership theory has roots in Group Relations theory, but also has some differences.

Eco-Leadership Series

Eco-Leadership builds on Group Relations and Psychoanalytic thinking and takes it to a new level by incorporating the notion of networks. This series was written by Simon Western, founder of the Eco-Leadership Institute, and CEO of Analytic-Network Coaching LTD, where Dr. Tracy Wallach is certified.

Applied Systems Psychodynamic Thinking

This series will apply Systems Psychodynamic theory and thinking to try to understand organizational and policy issues.

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