Categories of Membership:

Group Relations Australia Inc. has two levels of membership: Associate and Member.

Criteria for Membership:

Associate:  Anyone with a commitment to the purpose and aims of the Association may apply for Associate membership.


Applications for the Member level are assessed against the following criteria 

  • commitment to the purpose and aims of the Association;
  • experience of at least one group relations working conference of 5 or more days duration, e.g. Leicester-style conference (Tavistock, AISA, A K Rice), Bridger conference, PowerLab;

and either

  • post-graduate qualifications in group relations, psychodynamic study of organisations, socio-analysis or group dynamics,


  • demonstrable significant practice that contributes to the purpose and aims of the Association, e.g. work history, publications.

Membership Fees:

The annual fees for membership are:

Associate: $130

Member: $230

Application Forms:

Please download the application form from here, complete and return to the Secretary at

Associate application form

Member application form