Socioanalysis Vol 23 2022


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective



Elco Schwartz
Leadership Unbound: Female Leadership Effectiveness in Modern China
Against the Backdrop of Collective Traumas & Emerging Opportunities
Elizabeth Florent Treacy
The roles of subgroups in organizational change: Legitimacy, equilibrium,
and the presence of absence
Richard Morgan-Jones
The Trilogy Matrix Event: A New Practice for the Study
of Group and Organisational Dynamics
Simon Western and Bernie McDonnell
N.I.P.I not B.A.R.T. : Designing a Group Relations Conference for our
Precarious-Interdependent World

Book Reviews
Marlene Marberg
Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential: Spiritual Direction
for Leadership and Organizational Development by Dr Bernadette
Miles PhD. Pickwick Publications: Eugene, Oregon, 2021
Allan Shafer
Finding a Place to Stand: Developing self-reflective institutions, leaders and citizens,
by Edward R. Shapiro. Phoenix Publishing House: Bicester, 2020

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