Consultant Peer Learning Networks

The GRA Consultant Peer Learning Networks (CPLN) offer consultants a supportive environment in which they can explore the experiences and dynamics that occur in their work in a way that deepens their expertise.

A ‘consultant’ may be working independently or may hold an internal consultant role within an organisation.

The group of consultants works, in a structured way, to reveal the processes, dynamics and influences that may be enhancing or hindering any one or more members’ work. Individuals are challenged and supported to reflect on the dynamics of the client organisation, think differently about any presented piece of consulting, and to learn with and from other group members who are, and act as peers, in each session. Attention will also be drawn to the dynamics of the peer group itself which might reflect the client system dynamics.

GRA offers CPLN for experienced consultants and the eCPLN for emerging consultants.

Each CPLN meets via Zoom, has a maximum of 10 members and meets across two semesters each year.

Semester 1 is February – June
Semester 2 is July to December

Each semester begins with an open Preliminary session in which all interested and potential members can meet to discuss their ideas for the CPLN or eCPLN group and concludes with a Review & Reflection session.

CPLN is convened by Joanne Fitzgerald and Rob Ryan.
eCPLN is convened by Andrea Foot and Ross Williams.

2024 Price

CPLN $200 members and $300 non-members per series
eCPLN $150 members and $250 non-members per series


2024 Dates

CPLN – Online Autumn Series – Tuesday Evenings
2024 Dates<br />
CPLN – Online Autumn Series – Tuesday Evenings
eCPLN – online Autumn Series – Wednesday evenings
eCPLN – online Autumn Series – Wednesday evenings
The convenors would welcome contact from anyone interested in hearing more about eCPLN or CPLN, with a view to becoming a new member.
For CPLN contact Joanne Fitzgerald at
For eCPLN fill in and submit this simple form. Andrea Foot and Ross Williams will be in contact with you.
‘The GRA Consulting Peer Learning Network (CPLN), has provided me with a rare and valuable space to meet with peers who share interest in Group Relations thinking and who work to make use of Group Relations in their working roles. Being a part of this group, as it has worked together over the past few semesters, has helped me to continue to develop as a consultant through the generous and open connection created by this group of peers. We have been open to working with whatever emerges from the group in the moment and I always come away with new ideas to think about. The group has created a sense of support that exists both in the individual meetings and beyond to include members who are able to attend and who were not able to. I especially welcome a sense of playfulness that has let us co-create/curate methods of enquiry to support the cases presented by members. From a member of the CPLN.’
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