Group Relations Australia is a not-for-profit professional association whose members seek to develop the field of group relations and systems psychodynamics. We apply its methods to working in organisations, groups and society, and their application in professional practice.

What is systems psychodynamics?

Systems psychodynamics originated from psychiatry, psychology and the work of Freud, Winnicott, Klein and Bion. It helps us understand the factors beneath the surface that may influence how we think, behave and make decisions in groups and society.

The purpose of GRA is to promote the study of group dynamics and the interactions between conscious and unconscious processes in organisations, groups and society.

This approach is a more in-depth way to gain a deeper understanding of why certain structures exist in society, such as racism, sexism, bullying and corruption, to name a few.

We aim to achieve this understanding through conferences, seminars, workshops, training and the publication of articles through the journal Socioanalysis.

Our members work as organisational consultants and managers, academic researchers & teachers, psychoanalysts and socio-analysts amongst other roles. Through GRA, they enjoy the benefits of mutual links with international associations in the field of group relations.

The association’s aims are to:

  • Continue to develop group relations in Australia;
  • Contribute to the professional needs of its members and others;
  • Contribute to professional excellence in the field of group relations work;
  • Provide an environment in which people can extend themselves intellectually, participate in developing ideas and be stimulated by these;
  • Play a socially responsible role in society;
  • Link with other group relations organisations around the world; and
  • Exist for the interests of both members and the general public through various public activities.

GRA Directorate

Greg Cook

Greg Cook

BA, DipEd. BSW

Chair and Director Inter-organisational Relations and Publications

The role of Chair of the Directorate and Director Interorganisational Relations and Publications is to facilitate Directorate meetings, providing overall organisational leadership, liaising with other GR organisations and the Editorial Board and Editor in Chief of Socioanalysis.

Mike Faris

Mike Faris


Director Operations

This role has overarching responsibility for GRA administrative responsibilities including legal, financial and company secretary responsibilities. Day to day work in this area is performed by the Administrator.


Liz Brnjak

Liz Brnjak

MAppSci, Grad Dip Psych, BSW, BA

Director Communications, Memberships and Projects

This role is responsible for GRA member communications, which includes contributing to our monthly newsletter, first point of contact for new members and overseeing projects that the association is involved in.

Fred Wright

Fred Wright

MAppSci, MSW, GradDip(Crim), BA


Director Professional Development

In the role of Director, Professional Development, Fred provides the link between members that wish to run Professional Development activities and the Directorate, as well as overseeing activities including seminars, workshops and group learning.


Jinette de Gooijer

Jinette de Gooijer

PhD, MAppSci, GradDipBusAdmin, BVisArts, BSocSci, DipLib

Director of 2020 Group Relations Conference

The Director works with a Conference Directorate and a number of conference staff to plan and lead the biennial GRA Group Relations experiential conference.

Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Burrows

Directorate Member

Jennifer was appointed to the Directorate in November 2019.

Directorate Meeting Dates 2019

October 19th, 2019 – Directorate Meeting

November 9th, 2019 – AGM (members only)

December 13th, 2019 – Directorate Meeting

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