International Group Relations Conferences

International Group Relations Conferences

International Group Relations Conferences

group and organisational dynamics | experiential learning | role-taking & excercising authority

Since 2008, Group Relations Australia has held week-long residential working conferences and non-residential mini-conferences. These conferences offer opportunities to explore conscious and unconscious processes that determine group behaviour, role-taking and personal authority, leadership and followership. Participants and staff are from Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and other countries across the globe.

Group relations conference technology originated with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK) as a method to learn from one’s lived experience of group and organisational behaviour. The method is based on clinical and research practices in psychoanalysis and the social sciences. A group relations conference is a powerful, immersive mode of learning about the roles we take up for effectively participating in groups, organisations and society.

Each GRA conference focuses on a theme relevant to organisations and communities. Previous conferences explored:

  • Collaboration and Competition (2018)
  • Multiple Roles | Conflicted Interests (mini-conference) (2018
  • Lateral and Vertical Relations at Work (2015)
  • Changing Relationships @ Work (2013)
  • Managerial and Leadership Paradoxes in Organisations Today (mini-conference in the Bridger tradition) (2011)
  • Leadership for the Future (2010)
  • A Delicate Balance: Challenge for Professionals Managing Multiple Roles (mini-conference) (2009)
  • Inter-generational Dynamics in the Workplace (2008)

In 2020, the 6th residential conference, Working with Diversity: Exploring the Dynamics of Cross-cultural Relations in Groups, Organisations and Communities will be held 23-28 November in Melbourne, Australia.

The Working with Diversity conference offers opportunities to study and enhance our capacity for enriching cross-cultural relationships. A team of international staff will facilitate participants’ learning through consultancy and reflective discussions in exploring such questions as: How can we better understand the reality of working with diversity? What is the significance of group dynamics, public voice, personal authority and clear roles for shaping constructive cross-cultural engagement?

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