International Group Relations Conferences

International Group Relations Conferences

International Group Relations Conferences

group and organisational dynamics | experiential learning | role-taking & excercising authority

Since 2008, Group Relations Australia has held week-long residential working conferences and non-residential mini-conferences. These conferences offer opportunities to explore conscious and unconscious processes that determine group behaviour, role-taking and personal authority, leadership and followership. Participants and staff are from Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and other countries across the globe.

Group relations conference technology originated with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK) as a method to learn from one’s lived experience of group and organisational behaviour. The method is based on clinical and research practices in psychoanalysis and the social sciences. A group relations conference is a powerful, immersive mode of learning about the roles we take up for effectively participating in groups, organisations and society.

Each GRA conference focuses on a theme relevant to organisations and communities. Previous conferences explored:

  • Collaboration and Competition (2018)
  • Multiple Roles | Conflicted Interests (mini-conference) (2018
  • Lateral and Vertical Relations at Work (2015)
  • Changing Relationships @ Work (2013)
  • Managerial and Leadership Paradoxes in Organisations Today (mini-conference in the Bridger tradition) (2011)
  • Leadership for the Future (2010)
  • A Delicate Balance: Challenge for Professionals Managing Multiple Roles (mini-conference) (2009)
  • Inter-generational Dynamics in the Workplace (2008)

The 2020 Group Relations Conference Working with Diversity: Exploring the Dynamics of Cross-cultural Relations in Groups, Organisations and Communities has been rescheduled to be held in 2021. The Covid-19 health crisis that is so severely impacting on social and economic livelihoods worldwide is likely to continue for many months. The uncertainty poses too great a risk for holding a conference in 2020. The Conference Executive Directorate of Jinette de Gooijer, Caroline Farmer and Greg Cook  will continue to meet and work on planning the conference and updates will be communicated once a new schedule and details for 2021 is in place.

If you have any queries or would like to be placed on the conference mailing list for updates, please contact Caroline Farmer, Associate Conference Director and Director Resources & Communications,


Directorate Meeting Dates 2019

October 19th, 2019 – Directorate Meeting

November 9th, 2019 – AGM (members only)

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