What is a Group Relations Conference?

A group relations conference is a method for learning about the exercise of role, authority and social dynamics in undertaking tasks in groups and organisations. It is a powerful personal learning experience unmatched by other approaches to organisa­tional analysis and leadership.

Group Relations Australia (GRA) has conducted biennial group relations and mini conferences since 2007. GRA’s conferences are based in the Tavistock / systems psychodynamics approach and have, over the years, explored and developed a range of innovations. The 2022 conference continues this tradition.

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Past conferences

2022, The history of now: creating meaning (in the present moment), Director Nuala Dent. Visit the conference website.

2021, Disembodied Relations at Work: Exploring the Dynamics of Working On line During a Pandemic, Director Jinette de Gooijer

2018, Collaboration and Competition; Exploring the Dynamics of Working Together in groups, organisations and communities, Director Jinette de Gooijer

2018, Multiple Roles: Conflicted Interests, mini-conference, Director Veronika Grueneisen

2015, Leadership, Authority and Power: Exploring Lateral and Vertical Relations at Work, Joint GRA and NIODA Conference. Directors Jinette de Gooijer and Wendy Harding

2013, Changing Relationships @ Work: Accountability, Authority and Engagement, Director Allan Shafer

2010, Leadership for the Future: Hope Dignity and Spirit in Organization, Director Susan Long

2008, Intergenerational Dynamics in the Workplace: Age, Generations and the Future, Director Susan Long

2007, A Delicate Balance: The Challenge for Professionals in Managing Multiple Roles, mini-conference, Director Allan Shafer

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