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Experiential learning series ‘THINKING IN GROUPS’

Via Zoom

Hosted by Ross Williams, MSc (Psychology) PhD (Political Science) Aug 24 & Aug 31 Seminar/Discussions via Zoom Sept 20 Reflective group Via Zoom. We all spend a significant proportion of our working and social lives in groups. Over millions of years of evolution as social animals, we have developed a high level of skills in […]

$100 – $125

GRA Mid Year Listening Post on ‘The Voice’

Via Zoom

Convenors: Caroline Farmer and Fred Wright The public debate in Australia is heating up between the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns for the forthcoming referendum In Australia about whether to update the constitution to include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament (‘The Voice’). How do we make sense of these complex issues and […]

$20 – $40

Living and working in a world under threat: facing and dealing with destructiveness and hatred in the outside world and within our organisations and ourselves.

Via Zoom

Presented by Allan Shafer MA(Clin Psych), D Lit et Phil How does the mind develop and how might its evolving internal organisation and dynamics be shaped by destructive forces in the outside world? In this seminar Allan will explore the emerging unconscious and iterative relationship between the individual, the group and the world we inhabit. […]

$50 – $75
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