Socioanalysis was first published in 1999, co-edited by Prof Susan Long and Dr Allan Shafer – under the auspices of the then Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis, now published by Group Relations Australia. It was published initially with the hope that it would provide a contact point for those who wished to read and write about socioanalytic work and ideas. This hope has been fulfilled.

Socioanalysis, some 21 years later, is a recognized and highly regarded scholarly journal – still edited by Prof Susan Long – with quality international papers covering a wide spectrum of topics in the fields of socioanalysis, group relations and system psychodynamics. Along the way it has included some specially edited editions on current themes, most recently in Volume 18 in 2017, focused on Seeking Asylum.

For some years it has been headed by a committed editorial board currently comprising Dr Ora Bernard, Dr Jinette de Gooijer, Dr John Newton, Dr Brigid Nossel, Dr Wendy Harding, Dr Joy Humphries & Joanne Fitzgerald and an erudite international editorial board.

In early 2020 the 21st Volume was published, celebrating its twenty-one year history. Volume 23 has just been released, and can be purchased in hard-copy of PDF via

Prospective authors should please send papers to Editor in General, Prof Susan Long:

Volume 23 (Published January 2022)

Table of Contents

Leadership Unbound: Female Leadership Effectiveness in Modern China Against the Backdrop of Collective Traumas & Emerging Opportunities  Elco Schwartz

The roles of subgroups in organizational change: Legitimacy, equilibrium, and the presence of absence  Elizabeth Florent Treacy

The Trilogy Matrix Event: A New Practice for the Study of Group and Organisational Dynamics  Richard Morgan-Jones

N.I.P.I not B.A.R.T. : Designing a Group Relations Conference for our Precarious-Interdependent World  Simon Western and Bernie McDonnell

Book Reviews

Strengthening Spirit – Releasing Potential: Spiritual Direction for Leadership and Organizational Development  Marlene Marberg

by Dr Bernadette Miles PhD. Pickwick Publications: Eugene, Oregon, 2021

Finding a Place to Stand: Developing self-reflective institutions, leaders and citizens,  Allan Shafer

by Edward R. Shapiro. Phoenix Publishing House: Bicester, 2020



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