Socioanalysis Vol 25 2024


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective



Refereed Papers
Saskia de Maat, Olga Scherbakova and Erik van de Loo
Metaphors of Success: Finding potential manifestations of unconscious phantasy?
Neo Pule
Social Dream Drawing: A participatory action research methodology to study student leadership towards social justice.
Vartika Jaini
Influence of unconscious dynamics on methods of enquiry – insights from the non-profit sector in India.
Brigid Nossal
Collaboration and Consulting: An impossible task?
Book Reviews
Alan Shafer
An Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics: Consultancy Research and Training, by Mannie Sher and David Lawlor. Routledge: Oxon, 2022.
Jinette de Gooijer
All That We Are: Uncovering the Hidden Truths Behind Our Behaviour at Work by Gabriella Braun, London: Piatkus, 2022.
Rhianna Perkin
Work Matters: Consulting to leaders and organizations in the Tavistock tradition by Francesca Cardona. London: Routledge, 2020.

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