Introduction to Working Mothers’ Group
Liz Brnjak

Being a mother makes us real. It activates rawness in our being that has probably never been exposed before. We spend so much of our lives as mothers putting on ‘a face’ each day to go to work, to meet the expectations of other people in society and to avoid conflict with our loved ones.  Being sleep deprived, having our bodies used as a machine to feed the life of another and not being able to attend to our own needs leaves little room for the construction of a false self – although we usually try, or at least we did. In this state, we are raw. We are who we are in all the glamour and awkwardness. Our emotions are real therefore the way we interact is very human and this can make other people uncomfortable.

The idea of this group came from two very real and accomplished working mothers. Kris has a background in law, leadership and organisational dynamics. Liz has a background in psychology, leadership and organisational dynamics, and we both experienced the struggles working women face each day. With our facilitation, GRA’s Working Mothers’ group is a way for working women to connect at a deeper level and explore the personal, organisational and societal structures that surround the issues relevant to working women. Please watch our first video and follow our blog on the Group Relations Australia website, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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