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This special issue of our journal Socioanalysis  is devoted to papers around the theme of 'Seeking Asylum’ - a major project of GRA over the last three years. Scientific papers from Australia and overseas are included as well as three powerful personal reflections which emerge from different forms of engagement with issues of seeking asylum.

SAVE THE DATE: The journal will be publicly launched on Tuesday evening 7th March 2017. We are pleased that Julian Burnside has accepted our invitation to launch the journal.  Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, and author. He has played a major role in advocacy for asylum seekers in Australia and is a key and high-profile figure in challenging  Australian government policy in this arena. As part of the launch we will be creating opportunities for conversations with authors around aspects of their papers. We hope you can attend - an announcement of the event will be made soon.

Allan Shafer
Guest Editor
Special Issue of Socioanalysis on ‘Seeking Asylum"



Greg CookAgency in the Face of Helplessness.

Jenny SmithThe First Fleet: Australia’s Unconscious ‘Chosen Trauma’ and its Impact on our Asylum Seeker Policies.

Veronika GrueneisenHow to Respond to Xenophobia a Concrete Incident and Reflections on Responses it Elicited.

David Lawlor & Mannie SherThe Use of Detention as a Defence Against Intolerable Social Anxiety Towards Asylum Seekers.

Jon JureidiniPerverse Asylums: Failure of Decency Breeds Dangerous Resentment.

Sara Taylor and Tiffany GraySocial Dreaming as a Method for Exploring Seeking Asylum: Social Defenses Against Linking with Asylum Seekers and the Uncovering of Selected Facts of Seeking Asylum.


Personal Reflections

Nuala Dent, Jinette de Gooijer, Suzie Bourne, Michael Donnelly and John Newton:

Crossing Borders: A Slow Walk and Reflective Dialogue.

Christine Hill: Playing in the Reality of Detention.

Daniela Incorvaia: A Counter-transferential Account of the Alliance with and the Destruction of the Benevolent Therapist: Sociopolitical Obstacles to Reconciling the Punitive Object and the Undeserving Self in the Refugee’s Search for Asylum.