Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 9, December 2007 - PDF for individual use


Group Relations Australia

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This issue contains papers ranging across socioanalytic links to neuropsychology, ecopyschoanalysis, leadership, organisational culture, generational issues, ethics and dreaming. It also has a book review and a talk given at a book launch.  Editor: Dr. Susan Long


  • Collective Guilt as a Force for Change: A concept paper - Amy Fraher
  • University Culture and its Discontents: Some socio-analytic reflections on a university as a non-potential space - Arndt-Ahlers Niemann
  • The Dialectic of Master-Slave in Large Groups and Organisations - Wendy Harding
  • Headhunting: Psychodynamics of potential spaces created in the executive search process - Thomas Gilmore
  • Blessed are the Cheese-Makers - Judy Kent

Do You Know What it's Like to be in My Shoes:
A Consultant’s reflections on work in a specialist juvenile detention unit - Anthony Gleeson