Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 8, December 2006 - PDF for institutional use


Group Relations Australia

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This issue contains papers ranging across socioanalytic links to neuropsychology, ecopyschoanalysis, leadership, organisational culture, generational issues, ethics and dreaming. It also has a book review and a talk given at a book launch.  Editor: Dr. Susan Long


  • On Good Authority – Paul Hoggett, Marj Mayo and Chris Miller
  • Psychodynamics of Leadership Exits –Thomas Gilmore
  • Managing Oneself in Role as an Insider Researcher –Janelle Morgan
  • Organisational Consequences of Primary Task Ambiguity and the Associated Dynamics of Task Absence – Himadri Potter

Book Reviews

  • Murray Gordon: Coaching in Depth: The Organizational Role Analysis Approach – John Newton, Susan Long, Burkard Severs (Editors)
  • Stephanie Segal: Executive Coaching: Systems –Psychodynamic Perspective – Halina Brunning (Editor) – Coaching at Work