Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 20 December 2018


Group Relations Australia

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This volume marks twenty years of the journal Socioanalysis. The articles presented here are examples of the range of ideas and applications that socioanalysis can encompass. It also demonstrates our policy of publishing new as well as seasoned researchers, consultants and writers. Three of our authors have been in the feld internationally for many years, while four are newcomers and recent graduates of the master’s program conducted in Melbourne.

Susan Long



Herbert Hahn: Dreaming and Transformation Beyond the Couch.

Margo Lockhart: Prying Open the Collective Blind Eye to Animal Abuse: Can Socioanalysis contribute to understanding and changing the way we treat animals?.

Philip Boxer: Working with ‘the irritation of doubt’: The place of metaphor.

Emma Trachina: Space for the good enough women: Exploring aspects of leading, belonging and self in all-women groups.

Kristina Karlsson: From hero to partner in emergency management in Australia.

Book Reviews

John Newton: Political Correctness and the Destruction of the Social Order. Chronicling the Rise of the Pristine Self by Howard S. Schwartz.

David Cook: Says Who? The struggle for authority in a market-based economy, by Paul Verhaeghe (2015), English trans., Scribe: Melbourne and London, 2017