Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 19 December 2017


Group Relations Australia

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Social defences and ethical dilemmas are at the forefront of this issue of Socioanalysis. Such issues are found in our day to day work as socioanalysts and the chance to reflect on their effects is welcomed.

Susan Long



Bruno Boccara: Homophobia in Tunisia as a Social Defense.

Jenny SmithAn Existential Analysis of Absurdity in Organisational life – made visible through use of metaphor and the Lacanian Plus-one group.

Philip BoxerCaring Beyond Reason: A question of ethics.

James WalkerOptimism Bias of Governance Groups: A defence against lack of presumed knowledge.

Ross WilliamsA Home for the Homeless.

Rob Ryan: Fifteen words on a Portal: Ethical dilemmas in a government school.

Book Reviews

Allan Souter: Review of An Introduction to the Psychodynamics of Workplace Bullying by Sheila White