Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 17, December 2015


Group Relations Australia

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This issue of Socioanalysis brings a wide range of articles.  The mutative unconscious processing within ‘Social Dreaming’ is discussed by David Armstrong who argues that the authority of the dream comes from this. Thomas Kretschmar and Jana Meinel present a new method using associations to colour to explore mental representations and Richard Morgan-Jones considers sociotherapeutic methods, such as those used by Menzies-Lyth in a case study. Other organisational case studies are presented by Lottee Svalgaard and Susan Mravlek. Hannah Piterman challenges the positioning of the case for gender equality in largely economic terms.

The issue also contains two book reviews of important books recently published in the field of Socioanalysis.

Susan Long



DAVID ARMSTRONG: The Authority of the Dream
THOMAS KRETSCHMAR and JANA MEINEL: Using Colours in a Novel Association Technique to Explore the Mental Representations of Corporate Leaders
RICHARD MORGAN-JONES: Developing Sociotherapy as a Resource for Organisational Health
LOTTE SVALGAARD: The Struggle of Staying with Toxic Emotions when all you want to do is Leave
HANNAH PITERMAN: All that glitters is not gold - the allure of the business case for gender equality: An Australian perspective.
SUSAN MRAVLEK: Exile: A Perverse Form of Hatred. A Case Study of a Community Health Services Group

Book Reviews
KRISTINA KARLSSON: Socio-analytic Dialogue: Incorporating Psychosocial Dynamics into Public Policies by Bruno Boccara
London, Lexington Books 2014

ALICIA KAUFMANN: The Conscious Leader by Shelly Reciniello