Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 13, December 2011 - PDF for institutional use


Group Relations Australia

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This issue contains papers ranging across socioanalytic links to neuropsychology, ecopyschoanalysis, leadership, organisational culture, generational issues, ethics and dreaming. It also has a book review and a talk given at a book launch.  Editor: Dr. Susan Long


  • Gouranga Chattopadhyay: Colonialism in the Mind
  • Kenneth Eisold: The New Unconscious: opening wider perspectives on society
  • Ian Miller: Blaming BP: The dynamics of blame as social defense and in broadening organization knowledge
  • Peter Szabo: Strategy Development and Systems Psychodynamic Theory: Harold Bridger's ideas of tuning in and working-through examined
  • Claes Agin: Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde: A case of splitting in intergroup relations
  • Kate Dempsey & John Bottomley: Has God stopped calling or has the Church stopped listening? Perspectives on the decline and regeneration of ordained ministry candidates for the Unity Church in Australia
  • Douglas Kirsner: Creating Trust in Organisations and Society