Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 11, December 2009 - PDF for institutional use


Group Relations Australia

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This issue contains papers ranging across socioanalytic links to neuropsychology, ecopyschoanalysis, leadership, organisational culture, generational issues, ethics and dreaming. It also has a book review and a talk given at a book launch.  Editor: Dr. Susan Long


  • James Krantz: The Evolution of Basic Assumptions in Twenty-first Century Organizations
  • Giles Amada: Potential Space: The threatened source of individual and collective creativity
  • W G Lawrence: Authority: The contemporary context
  • Jane Chapman & Susan Long: Role Contamination: Is the poison in the person or the bottle?
  • Britta Hogbert: The Taming of a Shrew: Gender in the post-industrial society

Book reviews

  • Brigid Nossal - A Beam of Intense Darkness: Wilfred Bion's Legacy to psychoanalysis by James S Grotstein
  • John Newton - Psychodynamics for Consultants and Managers by Leopold S Vansina & Marie-Jeanne Vansina-Cobbaert
  • Ralph Biggadike - The Murder in Merger by Jinette de Gooijer