Socio-Analysis Journal, Vol. 14, December 2012 - PDF for institutional use


Group Relations Australia



This issue contains papers ranging across socioanalytic links to neuropsychology, ecopyschoanalysis, leadership, organisational culture, generational issues, ethics and dreaming. It also has a book review and a talk given at a book launch.  Editor: Dr. Susan Long


  • Thomas Hoffman, Regeneration: The confluence of psychoanalysis, biological science, and literature: Lessons for individual treatment and organizational consultation
  • Charles Le Feuvre: The psychodynamics of climate change denial: the need for an ecopsychoanalysis
  • Laurie Field: Protecting the underbelly: shared ontological interests and organizational learning
  • Deborah Pascoe: Shadows and Light: an exploration of leadership and betrayal
  • Jinette de Gooijer: Diagnosing organisational work cultures: a socioanalytic approach
  • Sandor Takacs & Sara Csillag: Systems psycho-dynamic aspects of customer service workers’ ethical dilemmas and emotional labour
  • Judy Kent: Envy or a simple lack of respect? Why all the hype about generational differences?
  • Alastair Bain: Social and organisational dreaming in Australia

Book reviews

  • Hans Van Den Hooff: Review of psychoanalytic reflections on a changing world. Edited by Halina Brunning
  • Douglas Kirsner: Talk at the book launch for Towards a socioanalysis of money, finance and capitalism: Beneath the surface of the finance industry, Edited by Susan Long and Burkard Sievers