The Murder in Merger: A Systems Psychodynamic Exploration of a Corporate Merger

Jinette De Gooijer




'While organizational practice and contemporary literature on mergers seem predominantly focused on rational economic and managerial perspectives, Jinette de Gooijer explores the shadow side of these ventures. This book illuminates the enormous burden and losses that many, if not most, organizational members must face and endure. The underlying organizational psychodynamic of persecution and annihilation in mergers finds its expression in the book's title: 'The Murder in Merger'. It is a pioneering contribution to the issue of mergers and a unique socioanalytic masterpiece.'

- Burkard Sievers, Professor Emeritus of Organization Development, Past-President ISPSO


'The Murder in Merger provides a compelling window into one of the great dilemmas underlying mergers and restructurings. As organizations attempt to create new inter-connections and structures that will create greater value, they also at the same time disrupt many of the human connections that provide the meaning, self-understanding, and grounding that are essential to effective work. This book offers the most compelling evidence yet of how executives can inadvertently sabotage their own efforts by ignoring this dimension of merger and reorganization. Dr De Gooijer's penetrating analysis also demonstrates that without looking "beneath the surface" it is impossible to understand - and respond to - these critical factors that shape the human dimension organizational change.'
- James Krantz, Ph.D., President, International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, Principal, Nautilus Consulting Group, New York City 

About the Author
1 Introduction
2 Concepts for Understanding Emotional Connectedness
3 TT Ltd: A Case Study
4 Connecting Structures of the Firm
5 Connecting to the Enterprise 
6 Employees' Experiences of Role
7 Emotional Connectedness in a Corporate Merger
8 Psychological Meaning of Corporate Mergers and Organizational Structures
9 A Murderous Merger
10 Containing Destructive Forces
Appendix: The Field Study

Notes about the author(s):

Jinette de Gooijer consults to organisations on understanding the hidden aspects of organisational culture and their effects on business performance, with the view to developing work cultures that promote creativity and prosperity for the organisation, the individual and wider society. She is the founder and Principal Consultant of Innovative Practice Consulting Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, an associate of the Creative Organisation Systems Group at RMIT University in Melbourne, and sessional academic at Swinbourne Univerisity, Melbourne's Faculty of Business and Enterprise. She has also presented papers at international conferences, and published a number of articles. She is on the Editorial Board of Socio-

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