Socioanalysis Contents Page by Volume

Volume 1 – June 1999  SELECT  
On Socio-Analysis
Alistair Bain
The Contribution of Social Dreaming to Socio Analysis
W. Gordon Lawrence
Colonial Domination and the Struggle for Identity: A socio-analytic perspective
Allan Shafer
Who am I at Work? An exploration of work identifications and identity
Susan Long
The Illusion of Identity Gouranga Chattopadhyay The Name Card Dilemma
Les Strong

Volume 2 – June 2000 SELECT
Competition as War: Towards a socio-analysis of war in and among corporations
Burkard Sievers
Containment and Adult Learning: Theory and Practice
James Atherton
Experiencing Racism in Higher Education
Simon Clarke
Managing the Welfare Boundary: A socio-analytic perspective
David Patman
Engaging the Task: A socio-anaylic discussion of task presence and absence
Susan Long
Book Review:
Douglas Kirsner, Unfree Associations: Inside psychoanalytic institutes
Kenneth Eisold

Volume 3 – June 2001   SELECT
Enhancing Group Effectiveness through creating and maintaining a “Reflective Space”
Martin Ringer
Impediments to Organisational Effectiveness – Social Defences and Shame in the Workplace
Rosalie Flynn
Transition and Management of Role: Bringing who I am into what I do
Tania Nahumn
A Life Cycle Theory of Bullying: Persecutory Anxiety and a futile search for recognition in the
Shelia White

Volume 4 – June 2002  SELECT  
The Vicissitudes of Identity
Eric Miller
Putting Emotion to Work in the Feeling State
Paul Hoggett
Triangular Spaces and Social Skins in Organisations
Erhard Tietel
Why did the Jews not take Revenge on Germans after the War? A case of Displacement
Dan Bar-On
The Bereaved Consultant: At the Intersection of Personal and Professional Loss
Rose Redding Mersky On Learning a Skill David Levine
A Note on Primary Spirit
Alistair Bain and Joshua Bain

Volume 5 – June 2003  SELECT  
The Exclusionary Policies of ‘us and them’ in the IPA and Psychoanalytic Institutes
Douglas Kirsner
The Other
Gouranga P. Chattopadhyay
The Psychoanalytic Implications of Open Space Events
Sholom Glouberman
More than Medicine: The therapeutic relationship in general practice
Patrick Bolton and Allan Shafer
A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective On Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism Part 1: The Context of
Stuart W. Twemlow, Frank C. Sacco and George Hough
A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective On Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism. Part 2: A Note On
Possible Antidotes
Stuart W. Twemlow, Frank C. Sacco, and George Hough
An Exploration of the Dynamics of Emotional Connectedness in a Matrix Structure
Jinette de Gooijer
Book Reviews:
Amado, G. & A. Ambrose (Eds.) (2001) The Transitional Approach to Change, London: Karnac
Silvia Prins
Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries (2001) Struggling with the Demon: Perspectives on Individual and
Organizational Irrationality Madison, Connecticut: Psychosocial Press.
Sallyanne Miller
R.D. Hinshelwood and M. Chiesa (Eds.) (2002) Organisations, Anxieties and Defences: Towards a
Psychoanalytic social psychology Whurr Publishers, London and Philadelphia.
David Patman

Volume 6 – June 2003  SELECT  
Special Issue:
Power and Politics in Organisations: Selected Proceedings from The Boston Symposium of the
International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations June, 2003
Edited by Susan Long, W.Gordon Lawrence and Burkard Sievers
Swimming with Sharks: The politics of survival in the large group
Stanley Gold
Facing Facts: what’s the good of change?
Philip Boxer
The Political Reality in Dreaming: a focus on form over content in the psychoanalytic view of
Social Dreaming
E. Martin Walker
Victimhood and the Exclusion of the Other: from a Women’s Organization to National and Global
Ilana Litvin and Judith Levy Psychoanalytic Thoughts on 9/11 Hans-Jürgen Wirth
Book Review:
David Gutmann with Oscar Iarussi ‘Psychoanalysisand Management: The Transformation’
Brigid Nossal

Volume 7 – June 2005 SELECT
The Infinite in Business: The Transformation of Thinking
W. Gordon Lawrence
‘None of them ever asked about sex’: some personal thoughts as to why social workers have
difficulty discussing sexuality with young people
Nigel Leech and Joy Trotter
Perspective on a High Tech Company: the case of personnel assessment
Thibault de Swartz A Lacanian
‘I’ve never thought of that before’: Organisational Role Analysis and Systems Development
John Newton
We Abandoned the Patient: Consumer representation – a social defence against patient status in
mental health?
Hannah Piterman
Book Reviews:
‘Open Minds, Closing Systems: on the dynamics of conservation versus innovation in idea
Review of: A History of Group Study and Psychodynamic Organizations. By A. L. Fraher. London: Free
Association Books 2004
Gerard van Reekum
Review of: Working Across the Gap: The Practice of Social Science in Organizations. By Lisl Klein.
London: Karnac 2005
Stanley Gold

Volume 8 – June 2006  SELECT
On Good Authority
Paul Hoggett, Marj Mayo and Chris Miller Psychodynamics of leadership Exits Thomas Gilmore
Managing Oneself in Role as an Insider Researcher
Janelle Morgan
Organisational Consequences of Primary Task Ambiguity and the Associated Dynamics of Task Absence
Himadri Potter
Book Reviews:
Murray Gordon
Coaching in the Depth: The Organizational Role Analysis Approach
John Newton, Susan Long, Burkard Sievers (Editors):
A Review
Stephanie Segal
Executive Coaching Systems – Psychodynamic Perspective
Halina Brunning (Editor)
Coaching at Work – A Review

Volume 9 – June 2007    SELECT
Collective Guilt as a Force for Change: A concept paper
Amy Fraher
University Culture and its Discontents: Some socio-analytic reflections on a university as a
non-potential space
Arndt-Ahlers Niemann
The Dialectic of Master-Slave in Large Groups and Organisations
Wendy Harding
Headhunting: Psychodynamics of potential spaces created in the executive search process
Thomas Gilmore
Blessed are the Cheese-Makers
Judy Kent
Do You Know What it’s Like to be in My Shoes: A Consultant’s reflections on work in a specialist
juvenile detention unit
Anthony Gleeson

Volume 10 – June 2008  SELECT
Isabel Menzies Lyth: A personal memory
Alastair Bain
A Literary Avenue to the Organisation-in the-mind of a Chilean Worker
Eduardo Acuna Aguirre
Analyzing Stories for a Deeper Understanding of a Corporate Culture:The psychohistory of Lloyd
deMause as a narrative analytic method
Heidi Moller, Christofnetzer and Silkeseemann
Social Dream-Drawing: A methodology in the making
Rose Redding Mersky
The Opening-Up of a Different Space: ORA from the client’s perspective
Wendy Harding And Brigid Nossal Reality Testing in Systems W.Gordon Lawrence
A Terrible Legacy: the lingering impact of predecessors on current leaders
Kate Dempsey
Book Reviews:
Review of ‘The Perverse Organisation and its Deadly Sins’
Paul Hoggett Karnac, London, 2008
Susan Long
Review of ‘Leadership: A Critical Text’
Jan Baker Sage Publications, 2008.102
Simon Western

Volume 11 – June 2009    SELECT
The Evolution of Basic Assumptions in Twenty-first Century Organizations
James Krantz
Potential Space: The threatened source of individual and collective creativity
Gilles Amado
Authority: The Contemporary Context
W G Lawrence
Role Contamination: Is the Poison in the Person or the Bottle?
Jane Chapman And Susan Long
The Taming of a Shrew: Gender in the post-industrial society
Britta Högberg
A Beam of Intense Darkness: Wilfred Bion’s Legacy to Psychoanalysis by James S. Grotstein,
London, Karnac, 2007.
Brigid Nossal
Psychodynamics for Consultants and Managers by Leopold S. Vansina and Marie- Jeanne
Wiley-Blackwell: England. 2008.
John Newton
The Murder in Merger by Jinette de Gooijer Karnac: London 2009
Ralph Biggadike

Volume 12 – June 2010    SELECT
Add Sustainability and Stir
Peliwe Mnguni
A Systems Psycho-dynamic Framework for Inter-agency Collaboration
Janelle Morgan
Me and My Job
Susan Long, Diana Dalton, Michael Faris and John Newton
Individual and collective suffering of organisational failures in containment: Searching for a
model to explore protomental dynamics
Richard Morgan-Jones And Nuno Torres
The Use of Drawing in Socio-Analytic Exploration
Brigid Nossal
Young people in France and their uses of computers: a potential space?
Thibault De Swarte

Volume 13 – June 2011  SELECT
Colonialism in the Mind
Gouranga Chattopadhyay
The new unconscious: opening wider perspectives on society
Kenneth Eisold
Blaming BP: The dynamics of blame as social defense and in broadening organizational knowledge
Ian Miller
Strategy Development and Systems Psychodynamic Theory: Harold Bridger’s ideas of tuning in and
working-through examined
Peter Szabo
Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde: A case of splitting in intergroup relations
Claes Agin
Has God stopped calling or has the Church stopped listening?Perspectives on the decline and regeneration of ordained ministry
candidates for the Uniting Church in Australia
Kate Dempsey and John Bottomley

Volume 14 – June 2012  SELECT  
Regeneration: The Confluence of Psychoanalysis, Biological Science, and Literature: Lessons for
individual treatment and organizational consultation
Thomas Hoffman
The Psychodynamics of Climate Change Denial: The Need for an Ecopsychoanalysis
Charles Le Feuvre
Protecting the Underbelly: Shared Ontological Interests and Organizational Learning
Laurie Field
Shadows and Light: An Exploration of Leadership and Betrayal
Deborah Pascoe
Diagnosing organisational work cultures: a socio-analytic approach
Jinette De Gooijer
Systems Psycho-dynamic Aspects of Customer Service Workers’ Ethical Dilemmas and Emotional Labour
Sandor Takacs and Sara Scillag
Envy or a Simple Lack of Respect? Why all the Hype about Generational Differences?
Judy Kent
Social and Organisational Dreaming in Australia
Alastair Bain
Book Reviews:
Hans Van Den Hooff
Review of Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Changing World Edited
Halina Brunning
Douglas Kirsner
Talk at the Book Launch for Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism: Beneath the
Surface of the Finance Industry
Susan Long and Burkard Sievers

Volume 15 – June 2013  SELECT
Virtual Authority
Zachary Gabriel Green And Stephanie Biernbaum
Socioanalysis and the Electronic Matrix
David Patman
Managing the Risks of Social Disruption: What Can We Learn from the Impact of Social Networking
Philip Boxer
Towards Reflexivity: Online and ‘In-the-Room’
Nuala Dent
A Tale of One City: Social Dreaming and the Social Protest Movement – Occupy London at Tent City
Mannie Sher
The ‘Faceless Mother’: Facebook and the Unconscious Perception of Leadership
Joseph Triest
Discussant’s Response: The Paradoxical Face of the Postmodern Authority
Micky Toder-Goldin
Book Reviews:
Review of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: Connected-up Instantaneous Culture and the Self
by Aaron Balick
Susan Long

Volume 16 – June 2014    SELECT
The Price of the Fear of Fading: some thoughts on women’s resistance to taking the role
of Elder from a psychoanalytic perspective
Kathleen Pogue White
Extending the Socioanalytic Foundations of Trust, Distrust, the Lie, the Secret, Betrayal and
Deception: The legacy of Herman Melville & George Simmel
Burkard Sievers
The Impossibility of Trust
Stanley Gold
An Exploration of Unwork
Kay Trainor
Reflective Sketching
Kieran White And Paul Lawrence
Splitting as a Social Defense against Stakeholder Engagement
Joy Humphreys
Exploring the Phenomenon of Denial of Personal Authority
Gouranga Chattopadhyay
Book Reviews:
Socioanalytic Methods, Edited by Susan Long: Review Essay
Larry Hirschhorn

Volume 17 – June 2015  SELECT
The Authority of the Dream
David Armstrong
Using Colours in a Novel Association Technique to Explore the Mental Representations of Corporate
Thomas Kretschmar And Jana Meinel
Developing Sociotherapy as a Resource for Organisational Health
Richard Morgan-Jones
The Struggle of Staying with Toxic Emotions when all you want to do is Leave
Lotte Svalgaard
All that glitters is not gold – the allure of the business case for gender equality: An Australian
Hannah Piterman
Exile: A Perverse Form of Hatred. A Case Study of a Community Health Services Group
Susan Mravlek
Book Reviews:
Socio-analytic Dialogue: Incorporating Psychosocial Dynamics into Public Policies by Bruno Boccara
London, Lexington Books 2014
Kristina Karlsson
The Conscious Leader by Shelly Reciniello
Alicia Kaufmann

Volume 18 – June 2016  SELECT  
Agency in the Face of Helplessness
Greg Cook
The First Fleet: Australia’s Unconscious ‘Chosen Trauma’ and its Impact on our Asylum Seeker
Jenny Smith
How to Respond to Xenophobia a Concrete Incident and Reflections on Responses it Elicited
Veronika Grueneisen
The Use of Detention as a Defence Against Intolerable Social Anxiety Towards Asylum Seekers
David Lawlor & Mannie Sher
Perverse Asylums: Failure of Decency Breeds Dangerous Resentment
Jon Jureidini
Social Dreaming as a Method for Exploring Seeking Asylum: Social Defenses Against & Linking with
Asylum Seekers and the Uncovering of Selected Facts of Seeking Asylum.
Sara Taylor and Tiffany Gray
Personal Reflections:
Nuala Dent, Jinette de Gooijer, Suzie Bourne, Michael Donnelly and John Newton
Crossing Borders: A Slow Walk and Reflective Dialogue.
Christine Hill
Playing in the Reality of Detention.
Daniela Incorvaia
A Counter-transferential Account of the Alliance with and the Destruction of the Benevolent
Therapist: Sociopolitical Obstacles to Reconciling the Punitive Object and the Undeserving Self in
the Refugee’s Search for Asylum.

Volume 19 – June 2017  SELECT
The Socioanalytic Approach to Organisations
Susan Long
Homophobia in Tunisia as a Social Defense
Bruno Boccara
An Existential Analysis of Absurdity in Organisational life– made visible through use of
metaphorand the Lacanian Plus-one group
Jenny Smith
Caring Beyond Reason: A question of ethics
Philip Boxer
Optimism Bias of Governance Groups: A defence against lack of presumed knowledge
James Walker
A Home for the Homeless
Ross Williams
Fifteen words on a Portal: Ethical dilemmas in a government school
Rob Ryan
Book Reviews:
Review of An Introduction to the Psychodynamics of Workplace Bullyingby Sheila White
(Karnac 2013
Allan Souter

Volume 20 – June 2018    Select Volume 20
Dreaming and Transformation Beyond the Couch
Herbert Hahn
Prying Open the Collective Blind Eye to Animal Abuse:Can Socioanalysis contribute to
understandingand changing the way we treat animals?
Margo Lockhart
Working with ‘the irritation of doubt’: The place of metaphor
Philip Boxer
Space for the good enough women:Exploring aspects of leading, belonging and self in all-women
Emma Tranchina
From hero to partner in emergency management in Australia
Kristina Karlsson
Book Reviews:
Political Correctness and the Destruction of the Social Order.Chronicling the Rise of the Pristine
Self by Howard S. Schwartz:Palgrave Macmillan NY 2016
John Newton
Says Who? The struggle for authority in a market-based economy,by Paul Verhaeghe (2015), English
trans., Scribe: Melbourne and London, 2017
David Cook

Volume 21 – June 2019  SELECT  

Allan Shafer
Colonial Domination and the Struggle for Identity: a 2019 Exploratory Perspective
Gouranga Chattopadhyay
The Sixth Basic Assumption baPu (basic assumption Purity/Pollution)
Jane Chapman
Guarding Against Corruption
John Newton
Notes on Revisiting ‘Clinging to the MBA Syndicate: Shallowness and ‘second skin’
learning in management education’
Susan Long
Dreaming a Culture
Sheila White
Contextualising Workplace Bullying as a Struggle and Futile Search for Recognition

Volume 22 – June 2021 SELECT

Philip Boxer
Vive la différence: when a choice is not about choosing  
Margo Lockhart
Dissociation, ‘the Meat Paradox’ and leadership  
Hannah Piterman
Society at the edges – Populism, polarisation, and paralysis 
Jenny Smith
It’s those bloody boat people again: COVID-19, the Ruby Princess
and the Politics of the Pandemic 
Michelle Morrison
Back to the Future: Using psychoanalytic processes to facilitate integrative responses
to paradox within a global, professional services firm 
Wendy Harding and Brigid Nossal
The ‘Dream Keepers’: exploring the conscious and unconscious interplay between
dreams, dreamers and reality in the creation of an educational institute 

Claudia Nagel
Getting from Fear to Trust. 

Volume 23 – January 2022 SELECT  

Elco Schwartz
Leadership Unbound: Female Leadership Effectiveness in Modern China
Against the Backdrop of Collective Traumas & Emerging Opportunities
Elizabeth Florent Treacy
The roles of subgroups in organizational change: Legitimacy, equilibrium,
and the presence of absence
Richard Morgan-Jones
The Trilogy Matrix Event: A New Practice for the Study
of Group and Organisational Dynamics
Simon Western and Bernie McDonnell
N.I.P.I not B.A.R.T. : Designing a Group Relations Conference for our
Precarious-Interdependent World

 Volume 24 – January 2023 SELECT  

Giles Amado
Deadly ‘Institutional Harassment’: an exemplary case of managerial perversion
Ajeet N. Mathur
Institutional Toxicity in Sticky Polarities
Leslie Goldenberg
Roles of the Coach Within the Walls: Trojan Horse, Field Medic, Canary in the Coal Mine
Martin Ludemann
‘Walls’ to protect innovation? A case from industry
Emma Tranchina, Helen McKelvie & Wendy Harding
Successful succession: Creating space for giving up and taking up
Rhianna Perkin
Leading to the End
Jan Schluter
Relevance of Intergenerational Patterns for the Supervision of Executive Coaches.



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