Socioanalysis Vol 18 2016


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective




Agency in the Face of Helplessness – Greg Cook
The First Fleet: Australia’s Unconscious ‘Chosen Trauma’ and its Impact on our Asylum Seeker Policies – Jenny Smith
How to Respond to Xenophobia a Concrete Incident and Reflections on Responses it Elicited – Veronika Grueneisen
The Use of Detention as a Defence Against Intolerable Social Anxiety Towards Asylum Seekers – David Lawlor & Mannie Sher
Perverse Asylums: Failure of Decency Breeds Dangerous Resentment – Jon Jureidini
Social Dreaming as a Method for Exploring Seeking Asylum: Social Defenses Against &
Linking with Asylum Seekers and the Uncovering of Selected Facts of Seeking Asylum.– Sara Taylor and Tiffany Gray

Personal Reflections:

Nuala Dent, Jinette de Gooijer, Suzie Bourne, Michael Donnelly and John Newton
Crossing Borders: A Slow Walk and Reflective Dialogue.

Christine Hill
Playing in the Reality of Detention.

Daniela Incorvaia
A Counter-transferential Account of the Alliance with and the Destruction of the
Benevolent Therapist: Sociopolitical Obstacles to Reconciling the Punitive Object
and the Undeserving Self in the Refugee’s Search for Asylum.

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