Socioanalysis Vol 14 2012


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective




Regeneration: The Confluence of Psychoanalysis, Biological Science, and Literature: Lessons for individual treatment and organizational consultation – Thomas Hoffman
The Psychodynamics of Climate Change Denial: The Need for an Ecopsychoanalysis – Charles Le Feuvre
Protecting the Underbelly: Shared Ontological Interests and Organizational Learning – Laurie Field
Shadows and Light: An Exploration of Leadership and Betrayal – Deborah Pascoe
Diagnosing organisational work cultures: a socio-analytic approach – Jinette De Gooijer
Systems Psycho-dynamic Aspects of Customer Service Workers’ Ethical Dilemmas and Emotional Labour – Sandor Takacs and Sara Scillag
Envy or a Simple Lack of Respect? Why all the Hype about Generational Differences? Judy Kent
Social and Organisational Dreaming in Australia – Alastair Bain

Book Reviews:

Hans Van Den Hooff
Review of Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Changing World Edited
by Halina Brunning

Douglas Kirsner
Talk at the Book Launch for Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism: Beneath the Surface of the Finance Industry 
by Susan Long and Burkard Sievers

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