Socio – Analysis Vol 7


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective




The Infinite in Business: The Transformation of Thinking – W. Gordon Lawrence

‘None of them ever asked about sex’: some personal thoughts as to why social workers have difficulty discussing sexuality with young people – Nigel Leech and Joy Trotter

Perspective on a High Tech Company: the case of personnel assessment – Thibault de Swartz A Lacanian

‘I’ve never thought of that before’: Organisational Role Analysis and Systems Development – John Newton

We Abandoned the Patient: Consumer representation – a social defence against patient status in mental health? – Hannah Piterman Have

Book Reviews:

‘Open Minds, Closing Systems: on the dynamics of conservation versus innovation in idea organizations’.
Review of: A History of Group Study and Psychodynamic
Organizations. By A. L. Fraher. London: Free Association
Books 2004.
Gerard van Reekum

Review of: Working Across the Gap: The Practice of Social
Science in Organizations. By Lisl Klein. London: Karnac
Stanley Gold

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