Socio Analysis Vol 6 2003


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective




Special Issue:

Power and Politics in Organisations: Selected Proceedings from The Boston Symposium of the International Society for thePsychoanalytic Study of Organisations June, 2003
Edited by Susan Long, W.Gordon Lawrence and Burkard Sievers

Swimming with Sharks: The politics of survival in the large group – Stanley Gold
Facing Facts: what’s the good of change? – Philip Boxer
The Political Reality in Dreaming: a focus on form over content in the psychoanalytic view of Social Dreaming – E. Martin Walker
Victimhood and the Exclusion of the Other: from a Women’s Organization to National and Global Politics – Ilana Litvin and Judith Levy
Psychoanalytic Thoughts on 9/11 –  Hans-Jürgen Wirth

Book Review:

David Gutmann with Oscar Iarussi ‘Psychoanalysisand Management: The Transformation’ 
Brigid Nossal

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