Socio Analysis Vol 5 2003


An International Journal about Groups, Organisations
and Society from the Systems Psychodynamic Perspective




The Exclusionary Policies of ‘us and them’ in the IPA and Psychoanalytic Institutes – Douglas Kirsner
The Other – Gouranga P. Chattopadhyay
The Psychoanalytic Implications of Open Space Events – Sholom Glouberman
More than Medicine: The therapeutic relationship in general practice – Patrick Bolton and Allan Shafer
A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective On Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism Part 1: The Context of Terrorism – Stuart W. Twemlow, Frank C. Sacco and George Hough
A Socio-Psychoanalytic Perspective On Group Dynamics, Cults and Terrorism. Part 2: A Note On Possible Antidotes – Stuart W. Twemlow, Frank C. Sacco, and George Hough
An Exploration of the Dynamics of Emotional Connectedness in a Matrix Structure – Jinette de Gooijer

Book Reviews:
Amado, G. & A. Ambrose (Eds.) (2001) The Transitional Approach to Change, London: Karnac
Silvia Prins
Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries (2001) Struggling with the Demon: Perspectives on Individual and Organizational Irrationality Madison, Connecticut: Psychosocial Press.
Sallyanne Miller
R.D. Hinshelwood and M. Chiesa (Eds.) (2002) Organisations, Anxieties and Defences: Towards a Psychoanalytic social psychology Whurr Publishers, London and Philadelphia.
David Patman


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