Europe, like the rest of the world, is struggling to cope with the traumatic impact of the Corona virus pandemic and its aftermath.Dark clouds were already gathering across the continent, threatening the union conceived in the shadow of the Holocaust and World War II to avoid a repetition of the horrors of the past.

These involved the influx of migrants, the threat of terrorist attack, financial instability, a growing gap between very rich élites and the very poor (‘the people’), and increased alarm over climate change, the latter spawning a culture of intergenerational blame

This conference, specifically designed to be online, offers an opportunityto consider these issues and their implications in depth, using the Group Relations method PCCA has adapted to study societal tensions, involving Germans, Israelis, Palestinians, West and East Europeans and others.The work will begin with the lived experience of conference participants, taking this as its raw material.

Dates: 8th -11th April, 2021

Please see the PCCA Conference flyer for or PCCA Website for more information.

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