The Austen Riggs Center presents a virtual Friday night guest lecture with Edward R. Shapiro, MD.

Psychodynamic systems theory brings together individual dynamics with the dynamics of human systems. We are all shaped by our contexts and, when we begin to recognize our roles as representatives, we have the possibility of shaping those contexts in return. For any of us, as individuals, to grasp the vastness and complexity of society, we need intermediate spaces with others to make sense of the world. Institutions — those bounded human systems that bring people together with missions that relate to the needs of society — are those places. If we dismiss or devalue them, we lose the opportunity to change them. Through their missions, we can have a view of and perspective on the larger society. Citizenship is more than rights and privileges; it requires engagement. Using stories from institutions and their members, Dr. Shapiro will outline an approach to finding a place to stand as a citizen.

When: Sept 11 2020, 6.30-8pm (American/Canadian Eastern Time)
Bookings: via this link

NOTE: This is s a VIRTUAL event and requires advance registration.

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