Every two years, the AK Rice Institute hosts a four-day event known as the “AKRI Dialogues”. The event is for people who have attended at least one Group Relations Conference and who want to contribute, explore and influence the discourse of group relations practitioners in their fields.

The 2021 Dialogues, entitled, “Lifting the Veil: Legacy and Transformation in Group Relations, is going to be held remotely from March 18-21, 2021. Keynotes addresses will be given by Dr. Medria Connolly on Reparations and Dr. Sam Kimbles on Forgiveness.

Since April 2020, members of the AKRI community have participated in regularly scheduled virtual community meetings. While the initial purpose was to check on the well being of community members in the face of the COVID pandemic, the community meetings evolved into bi-weekly meetings entitled, Exploring Social Chaos and Irrationality in the Context of the 2020 Elections. An average of 50, and as many as 75 people have attended, representing China, Canada, the UK, the West Indies, and elsewhere in addition to the US. One issue that has come up repeatedly is AKRI’s relationship to the international Group Relations community. I’d like to encourage you and your members to join us in our explorations.

For more details about Dialogues themes, you can review the Dialogues invitation. These materials can also be found by going to the “Events” tab on the AKRI website. https://www.akriceinstitute.org/

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