In the field

Getting the Policies we Deserve? The Dynamics of Making Policy

Symposium: 8-9 Sept 2017 NIODA and Susan Long are organising this exciting and relevant Melbourne symposium to examine the group psycho-dynamics of policy making. Developing policy in government departments and in work organisations is a task fraught with pressures from different stakeholders, both internal and external. The Symposium addresses the dynamics - issues of power...

Unstable World/s Today’s Societal Issues Through A Group Relations Lens

Save the Date: September 7-9, 2017 Tel Aviv/Jerusalem OFEK is celebrating its 30th anniversary at a weekend meeting. See the flyer for more details.

NIODA GR Conference 20-24 November

NIODA GR Conference 20-24 Nov 2017 NIODA is offering a five-day Group Relations Conference in Melbourne later this year entitled: Leadership Authority & Organisation. Exploring Creative Disruption.  A Group Relations Conference offers its participants an accelerated learning experience in an invitation to examine one’s experiences of self and other in various...